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Suitable Gifts for Enfocus-dealers all over the world

The secret of successful incentive and loyalty campaigns? That is touching people personally. If participants in such campaigns are nearby or on the other side of the world, SwingGroup appeals to everybody in his own language, with messages that are of use to them.

Enfocus Incentive campaign - HomepageThe advantages of online

That is exactly one of the advantages of the online concept of SwingGroup. With emails as well as via websites we can perfectly differentiate between different target groups, and even have one-to-one communication with all participants. We adjust language, rules and of course also the choice of gifts to the nationality and culture of the participants. What use has an Icelander of an air conditioner? And what should a Brazilian do with a woollen bearskin cap?

Enfocus Incentive campaign - Points

Dealers worldwide

With the state-of-the-art software of Enfocus Software graphic companies (designers, printers, publishers, ...) can create and exchange pdf-files with absolute security. Enfocus wanted to motivate its 25 top dealers from South America over New Zealand and India to Europe to keep up sales during the summer season too. Therefore SwingGroup developed the Summer Incentive Programme, an online savings campaign with sunny communication and summery incentives, like BBQ’s, travel sets, water toys, digital cameras and so on.

Enfocus Incentive campaign - Gifts

Ultimate personalization

SwingGroup conceived and realized a series of personalized emailings and the Summer Incentive Campaign site. We selected suitable gifts for all participants, anywhere in the world. On the site they could exchange the saving points they earned with the sale of a number of specific software packages, for gifts of their own choice. Which enhanced the personal effect of the campaign even more.

Apart from the email communication, the campaign site and the choice of gifts, SwingGroup also vouched for prompt delivery of the gifts in all corners of the world and its corresponding administration.