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Unizo rewards voluntary efforts with SwingGift Vouchers

Unizo, the largest employers’ organisation in Belgium, uses SwingGift Vouchers to reward their own employees and customers. For Communication Director Guy Muesen, the range of gifts offered and the cost efficiency of the system were decisive factors.

The ideal promotional gift
“A SwingGift Voucher is the ideal promotional gift”, continues Guy Muesen. “A classic gift voucher from a large chain store always involves limitations: you can only go to those shops. A SwingGift Voucher can be exchanged for what you want: clothing, a city trip, a dinner, a bouquet of flowers, etc. Moreover, local merchants can offer their vouchers via the platform. As an employers’ organisation, we did not want to forget about them.”

Voluntary efforts
Within Unizo entrepreneurs often volunteer for the organisation. By way of thanks they receive a SwingGift Voucher in their mailbox from time to time. Guy Muesen: “We consciously choose digital delivery of the vouchers because this does not incur extra costs. Therefore, the entire pre-determined amount goes to the recipient. The online orders are fast and easy. Customers are just as enthusiastic about the SwingGift Vouchers. The fact that they can choose their preferred gift makes all the difference.”

  • Objective: surprising customers and employees
  • Target group: customers and employees
  • Solution: digital SwingGift Vouchers
  • Result: enthusiastic recipients