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Dealers rewarded

Enfinity is the Belgian market leader in solar energy systems to private individuals and the business world. Enfinity uses a network of authorised dealers for sales to private individuals. In the framework of a marketing support programme, the company asked SwingGroup to draw up an effective incentive campaign for this target group.

Technical commercial support
Enfinity wants to support the network of dealers that exclusively sell Enfinity installations. That is why the marketing department drew up a package with supporting material. It includes folders, displays, posters and visuals for used at trade fairs or open house days. In addition, potential customers are guided to the dealers over the Internet. “Our website lists all authorised dealers per province”, says Communication Manager Line Reynaert. “Surfers can click on a link to the personal page of each dealer to see some references for example.”

A token of appreciation
Enfinity decided that exclusive Enfinity dealers deserved something extra. Line Reynaert: “A loyalty campaign is the ideal formula to stimulate sales and to give our dealers a token of appreciation. Last year we asked SwingGroup to develop a personalised incentive platform in our house style.” The dealers receive points per peak kilowatt hour sold. They can exchange these points for gifts.

The 50 most popular gifts
The extranet part of the Enfinity website is secured with a password. Authorised dealers find technical data sheets, information about certificates and other relevant information. When they click to the Enfinity points incentive platform they can view their points and choose a gift. The selection includes the 50 most popular gifts and experiences in the current SwingGroup Incentive programmes.

The sales team enjoys advantages too!
“We notice that once the dealers have found their way to the Enfinity points platform they enthusiastically participate in the loyalty programme campaign”, continues the Communication Manager. “We decided to continue the incentive this year and to follow it up more intensely by stimulating the dealers even more. The campaign is alive. One of the dealers told us that he always views his points at the weekly meeting with sales managers. As soon as the score is high enough all salesmen can choose a gift for themselves.”

  • Objective: stimulate and reward dealers
  • Target group: authorised and exclusive Enfinity dealers
  • Solution: loyalty campaign with personalised platform
  • Result:
    • enthusiastic dealers
    • campaign is extended