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ICT company chooses web solution

Simac nv is a supplier of ICT infrastructures and a strategic ICT integrator with a broad service offer for companies. For the second year in a row Simac has opted to give its employees a SwingGift Voucher by way of an end-of-year gift.

Very diverse target group
“Our employees make up a very varied group”, says HR Manager Leen Stienaers. “People of all ages – from people in their early twenties to fifty-year olds – who, on top of that, are active in different locations: in the head office in Kortenberg, the offices in Haasrode or on site at clients. Finding a suitable gift for everyone that is efficient to distribute to all these people is not easy. But when we received a mailing of the SwingGroup two years ago we knew immediately we were on to something here!”

A hit
The formula seemed ideal: everyone welcomed the initiative almost instantly. Did the fact that it is a web solutions swing it? Leen Stienaers: “Of course, as an ICT company we are not insensitive to digitised services which also excel in user-friendliness. But that’s not all. The SwingGift offer is so diverse that everyone will be able to find a suitable gift. Naturally, as an employer you want your people to be happy with what you give them.”

Remarkable efficiency
Simac really appreciates the efficiency of the SwingGift solution. “You hardly need to put any time and energy in setting it up and following up the action”, the HR manager remembers happily. “SwingGroup provided advice and assistance and thanks to the ingenious user-friendliness of the system everything went smoothly and efficiently. It is not surprising that we mailed SwingGift vouchers again this year by way of end-of-year gift.”

  • Objective: end-of-year gift
  • Target group: own employees
  • Solution: SwingGift Vouchers
  • Result:
    • enthusiastic employees
    • action repeated