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Target godfathers action exceeded by 30%

In 2006 Landbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole launched the successful benefits programme, Fidelio, for the members of its cooperative, known as co-operators. The bank regularly calls upon existing members to attract new co-operators. Members who introduce a new co-operator become godparents and receive a gift. These godparent campaigns were causing a pile of administrative and logistical headaches.

LandbouwkredietMore than 400 gift vouchers
This all changed when Landbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole discovered SwingGift at the end of last year. The introducers no longer receive a present, but a SwingGift Cheque. They can enter their cheque’s unique code on a website fully branded for Landbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole in order to choose from more than 400 gift vouchers. Clients receive their selected voucher in an attractive gift box with a thank-you message from their branch.

Following every move
Comprehensive reports on the SwingGroup Client Zone enable head office to follow the campaign’s progress and results online and in real time. The results were impressive: during the latest godparent campaign, Landbouwkrediet / Crédit agricole exceeded their target by more than 30%. Thanks to SwingGift.

  • Objective: to recruit new co-operators through a member-gets-member campaign
  • Target group: Existing co-operators
  • Solution: SwingGift Cheque
  • Result:
    • 30% over the target
    • Extra motivation thanks to the wide selection of gift vouchers
    • Little or no administration
    • No handling and fulfilment
    • Time was saved