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3 dealer segments, 3 countries, 1 incentive programme

Pioneer Benelux depends on their dealers to sell their products, but motivating them is not easy: with 400 dealers in three segments it’s an enormous task, especially as the dealers are in three countries and speak two different languages.

Pioneer Adrenaline HomepagePioneer sets different sales targets and bonuses for each of its three dealer segments (Home, Car and Pro DJ). Dealers who reach their target may choose from a number of gifts. Top dealers may also win a (shared) trip to New York. Dealers can also earn extra bonus points by making extra efforts for Pioneer.

Different target groups in a single matrix
SwingGroup created an incentive platform, especially customised for Pioneer in order to manage the entire target group. Pioneer’s inbuilt matrix structure made it possible to create an unlimited number of dealer segments, each with its own sales targets and bonuses.

Pioneer Adrenaline - vertrek naar New YorkApproaching each dealer individually
The platform speaks to every dealer in each country individually. It speaks their own language, offers them a specific range of gifts to choose from and has its own look & feel. SwingGroup also provided the kick-off communication and a monthly e-flash for each dealer segment. In the flash, Pioneer puts selected dealers in the limelight each month with reports about a special event or an event held by the featured dealer.

Signing up for New York
Dealers wanting to compete for the incentive trip to New York could find all the necessary information and register immediately on the incentive platform.

Pioneer Adrenaline geschenkenpaginaTargets achieved
Pioneer was satisfied. It got the gifts off quickly to the dealers and gained an error-free registration and confirmation procedure for the trip to New York. Best of all, however, it achieved all its targets, despite being in a market that is currently under pressure.

  • Objective: to stimulate sales
  • Target group: dealers in three segments
  • Solution: SwingLoyalty Advanced
  • Result:
    • Targets were reached
    • Time was saved
    • No handling and fulfilment
    • Error-free registration for incentive trip