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Successful advance bookings

When a new model is being introduced, car manufacturers want to produce as few stock cars as possible. Therefore it’s possible to book these models in advance. Jaguar did this with the XF and is now back with the magnificent XJ. But how do you sell a luxury limousine in the middle of an economic crisis?

Jaguar XJ Challenge homepagePrepaid gift card
To stimulate advance bookings of the XJ and motivate their sales teams extra, Jaguar gives their franchise holders a Jaguar XJ-branded SwingCard- SwingGroup’s latest incentive solution. For each XJ they sell, money is deposited on their prepaid gift card, depending on the personal targets that Jaguar has set for each dealer. Dealers can pay with their SwingCard, as if it was a normal MasterCard, in 27 million shops worldwide.

Jaguar XJ Challenge gepersonaliseerde SwingCardAdditional trigger
The dealers can log in to the personalised campaign website to see how many Euros they have earned. They can compare their own results with those of other franchise holders in their own dealership and outside – this provides them with an additional trigger to do well. A countdown counter tells how long the advance bookings will continue.

Bang on target
The advance bookings of the Jaguar XF (end 2007) were a mega success. Despite the economic crisis, bookings for the XJ are also bang on target. As for the dealers, they feel very involved and are even more motivated.

  • Objective: Advance bookings of the Jaguar XJ
  • Target group: franchise holders
  • Solution: SwingCard prepaid gift card
  • Result:
    • Sales are on target
    • Motivated dealers
    • Extra trigger due to comparison with colleagues