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He who seeks shall find

It is a generally known fact that people with a financial profile are not easy to find. And financial profiles are exactly what the company TriFinance is constantly looking for. In the classic media, but also among its own staff. Shana Cornelis, manager for internal and marketing communications at TriFinance: “Networking is a very strong medium today when it comes to attracting the right talent, there is no better channel than who knows who. This is also why we opted for an employee referral platform.”

Online shop
In 2006 TriFinance asked SwingGroup to create an online shop. Consultants who introduced a new colleague, were able to choose a gift from the shop – a gps, pda, a dream weekend in a luxury hotel – there was no lack of choice. “The leads that our consultants came up with continued to increase over the years. The reward that they received for their efforts was commensurate with this.” At the beginning of 2010, in the light of the positive results, we decided to start up the employee referral platform in the Netherlands and Germany too.

Complete website
“This year, we found that the platform needed updating.  SwingGroup proposed extending the gift shop to a complete online platform with useful information, interactive services and other features.” The final result is a website where the look & feel is completely in line with the TriFinance corporate style and where they can insert copy themselves. “The new website is an efficient tool that really encourages people to help grow our company.”

  • Goal: recruit new staff via member-gets-member campaign
  • Target group: project consultants
  • Solution: SwingShop
  • Result:
    • 20 leads per year
    • Higher involvement in the recruitment process
    • Motivated staff
    • Speedier and cheaper way of attracting the right profiles