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A dessert for all Belgians

That was the goal that Quick set itself when it launched an incentive campaign in the spring of 2010 under the title “Een beetje zoetigheid” (A little bit of sweetness) in all its restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg. Belgians are great dessert lovers – especially when you compare them with the French – so they could certainly use a little support.

Restaurants producing the strongest growth
Annie Collignon, sales co-ordinator at Quick, explained the principle for us. “We wanted to motivate the restaurants to propose as many desserts as possible to clients. We compared their dessert sales figures for May and June 2010 with those of the same period last year. Those with the biggest increase won a prize.”

Quick involved its staff at all levels in the incentive. “In May we wrote to the staff. The workers of the four restaurants that had achieved the biggest increase, all received a SwingGift Voucher worth € 15. In June it was the turn of the executives. Executives of the four branches to achieve the biggest increases each received a SwingGift Voucher worth € 100. And the restaurant managers also took part. The four best managers (over the two months) each received a SwingGift Voucher worth € 300.”

Easier than earlier campaigns
Why use SwingGift? Annie Collignon had already had experience with incentive campaigns. “This was not the first incentive we had organised by a long stretch of the imagination. In the past we worked mainly with gift vouchers from large chain stores. But I always had to go and buy the vouchers myself and we regularly received complaints from staff about the fact that the closest store was a long drive away. We didn’t receive a single complaint about our SwingGift campaign. It is also much easier for everyone concerned. I hardly have any work to do on the campaign.  The staff and the executives have a giant choice of gift vouchers. And distance is no longer a problem: in addition to more than 300 gift and experience vouchers, SwingGift also has a number of webshops where the staff can order their gifts and have them delivered at home.”

4% increase
Did the campaign produce the targeted results? “We recorded an average increase in the dessert category of 4% compared to 2009. And for Belgium that is a very satisfactory result.” Will you work with SwingGift again in the future? Annie Collignon: “You know, we organise two to three incentive campaigns per year. In order to avoid getting stuck in a rut, we clearly need to make sure we change our system of prizes on a regular basis. But the SwingGift campaign went so well that we will certainly work with SwingGroup again.”

  • Goal: sales of desserts
  • Target group: workers, executives and managers of Quick restaurants
  • Solution: SwingGift Vouchers
  • Result:
    • Increase in sales of 4 %
    • Satisfied staff
    • Satisfied organiser