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Low up-front costs, great choice, minimal work, minimal costs. We have no problem making a neat summary of these and other advantages of SwingGroup for you. But we’d rather let our clients give their own accounts.

Guus Lakeman, Unlimited Communication

The Unlimited Communication agency inspires and motivates thanks to the Motisha platform

Setting up this type of platform means really listening to each other. The SwingGroup team behind Motisha understand what we do and are always ready to listen to our needs.

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Guy Proost, PaperlinX

Turnover increase of up to 30% at Paperlinx thanks to SwingGift campaigns

Dankzij SwingGift-campagnes met Vouchers is Paperlinx erin geslaagd om de omzet tot 30% te verhogen.

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Xavier Lalieu, Vaillant

Reliability, professionalism and customer-oriented solutions

Successful automation of heating specialist Vaillant’s incentive programme

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Mick Daman, Universal Communications

A smooth and transparent follow-up of the referral process

Universal Communication streamlines recruitment via social media

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Frank Petit, Pubspace

Thanks to SwingGift our advertising system works better than ever before.

Do you want to advertise on beer mats? Then you need Pubspace. It ensures that your advertising hits the right mark among a series of selected hotel and catering establishments. Thanks to SwingGift.

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Sam Berteloot, InSites Consulting

The need to save costs was the main reason why we decided to try SwingGift.

InSites Consulting motivates the respondents to its market research with SwingGift Vouchers. That way it avoids the huge shipping costs and makes more people happy with the gift voucher of their choice.

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Livine Quintens, GE

Flexibility is the key word for me when it comes to SwingGift.

SwingGift has been supporting the temporary promotion campaigns of GE Power Protection since 2007. Livine Quintens thinks that SwingGift is a particularly flexible solution, both for organisers as well as participants.

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Beni Van Dam, Unilever Foodsolutions

Speedy reaction, rapid follow-up and excellent fulfilment. Our experiences with SwingGift have been very positive.

At first Unilever Foodsolutions called on SwingGift to improve an existing marketing campaign.  The SwingGift team reacted speedily and immediately succeeded in securing other assignments. “The SwingGift platform is also interesting for eventual future campaigns.

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Guy Schelfhaut, Philips

A gift is a great alternative to a financial reward.

Philips employees who make an extra effort are rewarded with a gift. “This is often more motivating and usually more tax-friendly than a financial reward,” according to Guy Schelfhaut. “A gift is a great alternative.”

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