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Happy Secretary Day for all!

Every third Thursday of April, the alarm bell is sounded at the offices of the CEO, the COO, the CSO, and let’s say the Manager: Secretary Day. 17th April is approaching fast. Should the manager buy something? And what should he get? Can't ask your secretary. Although.

The ultimate wish list for Secretary Day
SwingGift, with a large heart for presents, wants to help the manager and the secretary, but doesn't undertake this task alone. To get to the ultimate wish list of a secretary, everyone who is talented in pleasantly surprising is called in to help. Whether you are the manager, the secretary or just someone who always manages to find the perfect gift, until midnight on 13th April, there is, in case you need some inspiration, a list of gifts online at www.swinggift.com. Everyone can indicate his/her preferences and add original gift ideas to the list. On 14th April, SwingGift will be able to publish the wish list for Secretary Day. Just in time for the manager to score some brownie points on 17th April.

The present you chose for someone else is what you want for yourself
To extra motivate everyone, there are six lovely SwingGift vouchers to be won among the participants, for a total value of €1,700. Six winners will get the chance of receiving for themselves what they suggested for the wish list.

SwingGift is the largest and most varied supplier of gift vouchers on the net. Not just for Secretary Day, but for every conceivable and inconceivable occasion, for every taste, age and budget, you will find the most suitable voucher. The vouchers are delivered at home by courier in a stylish gift box of your choice. Ordered today before 12 noon, is delivered tomorrow.

Would like to know more? Go to www.swinggift.com.