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The ultimate wish list for Secretary Day

Gift site unveils the ultimate wish list for Secretary Day, Thursday 17 April.
Every third Thursday of the month April, you could say there is a big alarm with the CEO, the COO, the CSO, the director: Secretary Day. Should the director buy something? And what should he buy? They cannot ask a secretary. Not this Thursday! SwingGift, with a big heart for gifts, used an online survey to find out what would be most appreciated. They didn’t do so by themselves. They called upon all – secretaries, directors and those who always know how to select the right gift – to compose the ultimate wish list. Here it is, just in time to still be able to organise the perfect gift.

Gift site discovers the secret to the director-secretary relationship
Things are good between the director and the secretary! However, the secretary does not want what the director really would not give: nothing, stationary or an anti-stress massage – even though a professional would be hired for the latter...
So what will result in mutual appreciation this Thursday? An extra day of leave or a gift voucher! The secretary clearly understands her boss’ busy schedule: for both gifts, he doesn’t have to leave his office. He grants his secretary that extra day of leave; the manager would like to make that clear. And the secretary wants to make it known that she would appreciate it as well. Perhaps both parties are happy to establish this. After all, an extra day of leave probably means that both parties will have to work even more efficient on other days.
SO, it is a gift voucher! Perhaps a bit of a diplomatic gift? But typifying for the manager and the secretary as professionals. The manager gives his secretary what she wants most, without having to get hold of her personal wish list. A nice gesture of understanding and appropriate discretion, not?! And it is precisely this secret that might be the key to a good director-secretary relationship. We wish them a great Secretary Day!

*For reading comfort, we follow the majority of cases and the cliché: the director is a man, the secretary a woman. Of course, we wish all directors (m/f) and all secretaries (m/f) a great Secretary Day!