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The biggest collection of gift vouchers on the net: SwingGift

SwingGift is the biggest and most diverse selection of gift vouchers on the net. Whether you are looking for gift vouchers for your staff, clients or partners, or whether you want to give them a SwingGift Voucher and let them choose for themselves out of the diverse SwingGift assortment.

Gift vouchers are delivered by e-mail (speedily and cheaply) or in a smart gift box. We include your corporate identity on your campaign site, the supporting communications as well as on the gift boxes themselves.

More info: http://corporate.swinggift.com.

A few examples

  • Sales: Whenever they  purchase of a new product from you, your clients receive a gift voucher.
  • Marketing: A client has a birthday? A gift voucher is a hit every time.
  • HR: Give your staff a SwingGift Voucher to mark their anniversary with your company.

Would you like to discover the benefits of SwingGift for you? Click here or call us for an appointment: +32 50 50 24 60.